Breast implant illness information


Over the past year and 8 months I have learned and researched a lot about this condition. After explanting over 100 patients and seeing the extraordinary post operative reports with over 85% of patients reporting complete remission of their symptoms or at least an important improvement, we are committed to starting a scientific investigation with the purpose of validating BII as a syndrome and getting the medical community to recognize it as a problem affecting thousands of women around the world.

As a doctor it has been a very challenging experience, as there are many factors out of my technical control involved with these surgeries, but as a human being it has been very rewarding to have seen the improvement in the life quality of so many women.

My team and I are very committed to providing professional and caring healthcare, to treat each patient with honesty and to complete an objective and science based research to validate BII. I encourage you to participate in our research by filling in the application; this information is of fundamental importance and will eventually help many other women.