All About Fat Transfer

Implants are no longer the only option to enhance breasts.

Fat transfer, also called autologous fat transfer or fat grafting, is the technique of moving fat from one area of the body to another to improve contour, correct defects, or enhance features. The benefit of fat transfer to the breast is that the result is natural looking and feeling breasts. Breast augmentation via fat grafting also means no foreign object is being placed into your breasts.


Surgical Information


We understand that coming to a foreign country for surgery can be quite stressful. We have put together surgery details to help ease some of your concerns. Our dedicated team is here to help you prepare for surgery without the added stress.


Recovering from surgery is somewhat of a journey but it’s a journey that we will take together.


What are they saying about us

“I BELIEVE YOU”, is the words Dr. Urzola said when I told him my implants were making me sick.  He will never know how truly grateful I am to him for giving me my life back.  His compassion and dedication to bii is a victory for all women suffering. And his attention to detail and perfectionist nature gives hope to women wanting beautiful aesthetic results.  The world definitely needs more Dr. Urzola’s in it.

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Breast implant illness information


Over the past year and 8 months I have learned and researched a lot about this condition. After explanting over 100 patients and seeing the extraordinary post operative reports with over 85% of patients reporting complete remission of their symptoms or at least an important improvement, we are committed to starting a scientific investigation with the purpose of validating BII as a syndrome and getting the medical community to recognize it as a problem affecting thousands of women around the world.

As a doctor it has been a very challenging experience, as there are many factors out of my technical control involved with these surgeries, but as a human being it has been very rewarding to have seen the improvement in the life quality of so many women.

My team and I are very committed to providing professional and caring healthcare, to treat each patient with honesty and to complete an objective and science based research to validate BII. I encourage you to participate in our research by filling in the application; this information is of fundamental importance and will eventually help many other women.

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